How To: Wear Make-Up With Lash Extensions

Lash extensions and heavy eye make up are, unfortunately, not best friends. This is quite a problem, since so many of us lash lovers are also make up obsessed. While avoiding eye make up all together is your lash artists dream, I know that's not an easy thing to ask. As a make up artist and lash artist, I've discovered a few tricks and products to keep those lashes fluffy and black after a make up application.

Using my eyepad trick while applying eyeshadow to my client and friend Riliegh. Keeping those lashes safe!

My favorite trick: Eye-pad over lashes

One of the worst things about applying eyeshadow with lash extensions is having powdery lashes afterwards. Normally you would apply mascara to solve this problem but this will cause your lashes to look chunky, your fans to close up, and of course your lash artist would kill you. My favorite way to solve this problem is to use a gel-backed eye-pad to cover the lashes during application. If you're doing your own make up you'll need to do one eye at a time which can be annoying, but your lashes will be pristine and powder free after! If you're a Lash Artist, you likely already have your favorite eyepads in your kit. If you are a lash client, or a lash artist who doesn't want to use their "good" eyepads for this, you can pick up a cheap pack from Amazon.

Fluff Guard by LashBoxLA

If your lashes DO get powdery...

If you do end up with powdery lashes, LashBoxLA makes a great product called Fluff Guard that will help remedy the situation and fluff those babies back out. My favorite way to use this is to spray a clean, unused, fluffy eyeshadow brush with Fluff Guard, place my finger behind the lashes, and brush upwards again the lashes.

My favorite lash extension friendly "eyeliner"

Solution to "The Eyeliner Dilemma"

We all know that eyeliner is a nightmare when it comes to lashes. Waxy pencil and gel liners create build up around the extension that is almost impossible to remove. This is a huge culprit for bad retention. Liquid liners get stuck and crusted on the lashes which make them look spidery. The safest way to wear eyeliner is to use wet eyeshadow instead! Get a sharp angled liner brush, such as MAC's 211 Brush , wet it with setting spray or water, and dip it into an eyeshadow or your choice. This will create precise lines like eyeliner and will not get stuck in your lashes.

If you really must wear "real" eyeliner, LashBoxLA and Lash Affair make extension friendly felt tipped eyeliners.

Borboleta's Oil Free Make-Up Remover

Removing Eye Make-Up

When removing eye make up, you want to avoid using cloth make up wipes, cotton rounds, or Q-Tips. The cotton fiber in these products with snag on the base of your lashes which is super uncomfortable and can pull out your lashes. The most comfortable way to remove eye make up is with a cosmetic sponge, or felt tipped applicators to really get that lash line. Use an oil free make-up remover such as Borboleta's Break Down, and then proceed to use your favorite lash shampoo. (Check back for my complete guide on shampooing your lashes!)

Hope this helps!

- Dana @justthegloss

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