FAQ: "This is my first time getting a lash service - where should I start?"

One of the most commonly asked questions on my Instagram is from potential clients wanting to dip their toes into the world of lashes but not sure what service to choose. There's no straight answer. We need to take into consideration your lifestyle and personal style, occasion, what type of maintenance you can commit to, and the quality of your natural lashes.


Your hobbies and lifestyle should be taken into consideration when choosing a lash service. Someone with a more active lifestyle (e.g., fitness or hot yoga instructor, workout junkie, swimmer, weekend hiker and camper) may have a hard time keeping their lashes clean and dry. If this sounds like you, your best option may be a Lash Lift and Tint, which requires no special cleansing or maintenance. If you want something more dramatic and want to go for lash extensions, you will need to take extra care of them to avoid retention issues, and even with the utmost care you may need to return for fills more frequently due to wear and tear. Be prepared to get a fill every 2 weeks to keep them looking their best at all times.

A Lift & Tint on my client with short-medium natural lashes. A subtle yet glamorous result!

Personal Style and Desired Look

If you are someone who normally throws on one coat of mascara, some Chapstick, and heads out the door, you may not be comfortable seeing yourself with a super full lash line. You may want to start with a Classic Set of extensions to mimic the look of perfectly curled and mascara'd lashes. With a Classic Set, each one of your natural lash is extended with a slightly longer, darker, and curlier lash extension.

A Classic Set of extensions on my client with medium-average natural lashes. We achieved a curled "mascara" effect with some cat-eye styling on the outer corners.

If you're a lash or make-up lover who loves to layer up the mascara and/or strip lashes, you will most likely be disappointed or underwhelmed with a Classic Set. A Hybrid or Volume Set is the better option for you. These lashes will provide the fullness and definition needed to support your make up looks. Remember that lash extensions are NOT meant to be worn with mascara, so if you do decide to get a Classic Set and you still feel the need to put on mascara, you should upgrade your Fills to Volume Fills to start transitioning to a Hybrid or Full Volume Set.

A spikey Hybrid Set to mimic strip lashes.

Special Occasion - Wedding

If you are getting this lash service for your big day, or any occasion where you will be photographed, I ALWAYS recommend a Hybrid or Volume Set so your eyes will pop in photos and stand out against any professional make up. It may be more than what you're used to on a daily basis, but when your hair and make up is done, the lashes will compliment everything perfectly. After the main event, you can switch your fills to Classic Fills to downgrade to a Hybrid or Classic Set for a more "every day" look.

A Volume Set on my sister for her wedding day.


One of the most important things to consider is the maintenance involved with lash extensions. By maintenance I mean daily cleansing and brushing, limited product use, and weekly touch up appointments. Be prepared to budget for and set aside time for lash fills every 2 to 3 weeks. Keep in mind that keeping them looking fresh and full requires some at home care on your part. Make sure to cleanse your lashes every night as instructed by your lash artist, and limit the type and amounts of product you're using in your eye area. If this sounds like too much effort for you, you may be better suited for a Lash Lift and Tint. After the initial 24-48 hours of getting a Lash Lift and Tint, there are no special maintenance instructions. You can wear make up, swim, and work out without any special aftercare. If you want to keep the look, book a re-lift every 6-8 weeks.

Quality of Natural Lashes

Knowing what your natural lashes limitations are will be super helpful in helping you choose which lash service to book. If you have fine, short, or weak natural lashes and want to get into the world of lash services, my first recommendation is to use a lash serum NIGHTLY for 6 weeks prior to your appointment. The better the quality of your natural lashes, the better the results of your lash lift or extension service will be. If you have natural gaps in your lash line and you book a Classic Set of extensions or a Lash Lift, know that your gap will not be covered, and it may even be accentuated by the Lift or Classic Lashes. If you are looking to have gaps or sparse lashes appear fuller, a Hybrid or Volume Set will be the only way to achieve that.

If the word "drama" appeals to you at all when considering your lash look, always book a Volume or Hybrid Set, as Classic Lashes are meant to look more on the natural side. If the word "drama" scares you on the other hand, it is best to book a Classic Set. If that ends up being too natural for you, it is very easy to start transitioning to a Hybrid or Volume Set during your maintenance fills - just be sure to ask your lash artist if they are certified in this technique, as it is an advanced technique and not all lash artists offer it.

This post should give you an idea of what type of lash service you want to get into. If you're still confused, I simply recommend booking a consultation with your favorite local lash artist or salon and getting a personalized recommendation.

- Dana @justthegloss

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