Are my lashes done properly? How to tell.

As a client who isn't a lash artist or industry professional, it can be hard to tell if your lashes are applied properly. This is especially true if it's your first time getting lashes, or you've only ever gone to the same person - you have nothing to compare it to! Sometimes your lashes may look great to you, but they could actually be applied improperly which can lead to a list of dreadful issues; allergic reactions, permanent lash damage, or just pain and discomfort. In this post I will tell you some of the warning signs of a bad lash application.

1. You can feel them poking the skin or base of your eyelid.

If your lashes are properly applied, they should feel weightless and unnoticeable during your daily life. You should be able to squeeze your eyes tightly, look all the way up, and touch them without feeling any poking on your eyelid or pinching. If you can feel something irritating when you move them, they are either applied too close to the base of your lashes or, worse, they may even be applied directly to the skin.

The adhesive used for lash extensions, Cyanoacrylate, is not meant to come into contact with the skin. It cures into a hard plastic coating and will cause major discomfort, irritation, and high risk of allergic reaction if it cures on the skin. Your lid will most likely become swollen, irritated, and sore. A severe allergic reaction may occur which can result in a trip to the ER. This can happen even if just one or two lashes are glued to the skin, and will almost definitely happen if ALL of the lashes are glued to the skin.

If you think your lashes are applied to the skin, contact your lash artist ASAP for a removal. If it is just one or two lashes that were mistakenly applied too close, your lash artist will be able to remove and replace those extensions. If the whole set was applied to the skin, a removing solution may be required and it might be time to find a new lash artist! #justlookingout

2. Your lash brush gets caught in your lashes when brushing them.

You always should be able to smoothly brush from base to tip without getting caught on anything. When you brush your lash wand through your lashes, do you feel painful snagging? If your brush is catching on something, it is likely two or more lashes that have been glued together. This can cause you to pull the natural lash out from the root when brushing through the tangle. It can also cause the lashes to grow out sideways or twist because they are not able to freely grow straight out. At the end of your lash appointment be sure to use a lash wand to brush through your lashes and let your artist know if you feel any snagging. If you feel something catch, point out the area to your lash artist and have them check for anything that might be stuck together.

3. You feel a pinching sensation, or soreness on the lash line.

You may feel a pinching sensation when you touch and move a certain area of your lashes. This is most likely caused by a "baby lash" aka "anagen lash" or "new growth" being accidentally glued to a neighboring lash extension. As the lash continues to grow, it can pull on and cause stress to the neighboring lash that it's attached to. This will feel like a pinching sensation or leave your lash line sore. If left unfixed, the neighboring eyelashes can pull each other out from the root. If this happens too often it can cause "traction alopecia" - aka PERMANENT LASH LOSS! Make sure to let your lash artist know at your fill appointment if there has been any soreness so she canlocate and separate the lashes.

Lashes should grow out smoothly if properly applied and isolated. *Pictured: a grown out lash extension that was properly isolated and applied. *

You should never feel anything uncomfortable when it comes to wearing lash extensions. These three issues are indications that your lashes have not been applied perfectly. Perfect extension application is the key to lash health. Be sure to find a lash artist who is licensed, certified, and properly trained to apply extensions. Keep an eye out for my blog post on how to find a great artist!

- Dana DeMarco


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