Have you been eyeing up those awesome creative color sets on the 'gram and dying to create one, but you don't have the materials, willing model, or experience working with color? Have you created a color set only to be disappointed by the outcome? A common thought is that if you know how to use black extensions, you know how to work with color extensions but the truth is: if you want to create a gorgeous portfolio worthy color set, there is a lot to learn! This workshop goes over specific fanning techniques, placement, layering, adhesives, photo editing and skintone/color theory. Mixing my foundational skills rooted in traditional Russian volume with a touch of modern American volume, I will show you how to create the most stunning creative color sets to suite any style from portfolio looks to everyday wear.


In this hands-on workshop you will have access to every color imaginable, unique curls, and my guidance to create the set of your dreams, spruce up your Instagram feed, and set yourself apart from other artists in your city. 


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